New Theme: Hello, Peon. Bow to Me.

After approximately my 87th viewing of Natasha Allegri’s incredible short Bee and Puppycat, I decided it was high time I make a theme of it.

Preview | Code (it’s the first theme listed)

Theme Features

  • All fonts, colors, and images are customizable
  • Optional infinite scrolling
  • Changeable navigation
    • up to three custom links
    • show or hide RSS link
    • pages shown
    • optional link to Bee and Puppycat video
  • Customizable 255px wide sidebar image and 700px wide header
    • automatically resizes to correct width
    • can be any height
  • Option to hide tags
  • Option to hide post source and “reblogged from”
  • Option to upload custom favicon
  • Optional second description box

If you have any questions, let me know!

Gabi xoxo

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